Guinea Fowl

At Pringle Park, we proudly ‘guard’ our grounds with a friendly and vibrant flock of Guinea Fowl. These fascinating birds are more than just beautiful to watch; they offer unique benefits to our property and your horses.

Guinea fowl belong to the order Galliformes, a diverse group that includes turkeys, grouse, chickens, quail, and pheasants. While some people raise Guinea fowl for their meat and eggs, these remarkable birds are also highly valued as farm “watch birds.”

Known for their loud and distinctive calls, Guinea Fowl serve as excellent protectors against uninvited guests, especially snakes. When they detect a snake, they sound out loudly, alerting you to its presence and helping keep your property safe.

If you’re interested in adding these friendly and efficient yard protectors to your home, we have a selection available for purchase. Please contact us for more details and bring the unique charm and security of Guinea Fowl to your property.

The Guinea Fowl of Pringle Park